The Old Paths

"The longer I live the more I am convinced

that the world needs no new gospel, as some profess to think.

I am thoroughly persuaded that the world needs

nothing but a bold, full, unflinching teaching of the 'old paths'."

~ J.C. Ryle, Preface to Old Paths, 1877 ~

The following is a collection of resources that we have found helpful in staying up to date on the current issues facing the Church. Not all of these are focused solely on negative matters. When trying to fight heresies and false doctrines, it is certainly important to be aware of their teachings, but more important still is to be well-grounded in the truth of Scripture and the matters which they mark as essential in the ministry of the Church. Please read prayerfully and thoughtfully.

And please contact Tim, Ben, a ruling elder, or a deacon if you want to discuss further.

Gospel Reformation Network (GRN) (

Seeking to cultivate healthy Reformed churches in the Presbyterian Church in America.

About GRN

The Mission of the Church (video)

Reformed worship (video)

Expository preaching

Virtual "worship"

Evening worship

Godly leadership (video)

Ruling Elder ministry (video)

Prayer Meeting


PCA's Slippery Slope

Firm Foundation Partnership (

Seeking to fight the New Liberalism creeping into the church.

About FFP


God's Glory

The Good of Christ's Church

Critical Theory and Social Justice



Podcasts (you can also search your podcast app for these shows)


A podcast on Church matters. Hosted by a PCA Ruling Elder and an OPC church member.

60-90 min.

Suggested episodes:

"Walking Through Westminster - WCF 1" (02/03/2021)

"Bonus Content: Morton Smith on the History of Presbyterian Worship" (01/29/2021)

"A Pastor Teaches on Worship - WCF 21" (01/08/2021)

"Whither the PCA" (history of the PCA with Dominic Aquila) (12/10/2020)

Mortification of Spin

Program on wide variety of topics facing the Church. Hosted by Todd Pruitt and Carl Truman.

30 min.

Suggested episodes:

"CRT on CRT" (01/27/2021)

"What Happens When We Worship" (01/06/2021)

"Semper Reformanda" (12/23/20)


The Shorter

A show focused on the Westminster Shorter Catechism. Hosted by two PCA Teaching Elders.

20-30 min.

The Jerusalem Chamber

Each episode is a discussion on one section of the Confession of Faith.

30-45 min.



Miscellaneous Resources
Introduction to Critical Theory

Critical Theory analyzes all aspects of society through the lenses of structures such as race, class, and power, divides groups into categories of oppressors or oppressed, and proposes methods for pulling down oppressors and liberating oppressed.

CT assumes that everything that happens in society, including successes and failures, results from oppression between groups divided by race, class, and power. By definition, according to CT, whiteness, wealth, and power inherently oppress non-white, poor, and weak; therefore, in order to resolve injustice, poor weak non-whites must be elevated, while rich powerful whites must be pulled down.

The Digital Puritan

Mission Statement. To breathe new life into the God-honoring teachings of the English Puritans, by transferring their work to the next generation through emerging technologies.

Bible Reading Resources

Reformation Study Bible

ESV Study Bible

McCheyne Reading Plan (as well as modified Carson Reading Plan)

Devotional paired with McCheyne/Carson

Other reading plans

Resources on the Westminster Standards

Confession of Faith

Book: The Reformed Faith by Robert Shaw

Book: Confessing the Faith by Chad Van Dixhorn

Book: The Westminster Confession of Faith for Study Classes by G.I. Williamson

Larger Catechism

Book: The Westminster Larger Catechism: A Commentary by Johannes G. Vos​

Shorter Catechism

Fisher's Catechism (each shorter catechism broken down further in Q&A format)

Book: A Body of Divinity by Thomas Watson

Book: The Shorter Catechism Explained from Scripture by Thomas Vincent

Book: The Westminster Shorter Catechism for Study Classes by G.I. Williamson

Shorter Catechisms songs for memorization (also search Apple Music, Spotify, etc.)

Holly Dutton​ (Bruce Benedict)

Ben's Catechism playlist in Apple Music